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Advertizing giant again found violating rules on overtime hours

· Compliance

Illegal overtime practices are one of the areas where employees can easily recognize the issues and would raise concerns if a concern reporting system with no fear of retaliation is in place and the management is committed to fixing the potential problems. As I mentioned in my previous blog, "Why is employee hotline that important?", the number of concern reporting per employee is an indication of your healthy environment. If you listen to your employees at an early stage where the issue is small, you can fix it with, say, a Band-Aid without going through major operations.

According to the recent news coverage, Dentsu continues to make significant compliance misses. According to Dentsu's 2019 CSR Report, they had 24 cases of concern reporting in 2018, and their total number of employees is 62,608. They had 0.04 cases per 100 employees, which is not just below the median of 1.4 cases per 100 employees, but also very far outside the central 80% of NAVEX' benchmarking data (see also my previous blog, "About "Companies with Many Whistleblowing - Top 100 Ranking"). According to the CSR Report, the numbers of concern reporting were 9 in 2017, 7 in 2016, and 15 in 2015. All of these 4 years they had very unhealthy numbers of concern reporting. Although they made progress in 2018, the number is still unhealthy. It appears they are still at the beginning of a long journey for changing their corporate DNA. See my previous blog, "How to change your corporate DNA".

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