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Why are bribes such a bad thing?

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One of my favorite patterns, when I conduct anti-corruption employee training, is to start with a photo of a child in a developing (highly corrupted) country living in a dumpsite picking up some "valuable" items for a living.

"This photo shows why many countries have laws against bribery of foreign officials, and strictly enforce that law. Tell me why briberies are bad things in conjunction with this photo."

Then I would go around, asking their opinions.

Some of them may have excellent points, but not all really understand why.

Then I show this video, a TED talk done by Charmian Gooch, Director and Co-founder of Global Witness. The video is the best one I have seen on this subject. You might think a fourteen minutes video may sound too long for a part of employee training sessions. It is not. You will know why, if you watch this.

The video was taken in 2013. You will hear her mentioning about the "transparency laws" under which oil, gas, and mining companies listed in stock exchange are required to disclose their payments made to secure lucrative mining and drilling rights. As you may recall, the President of the United States lifted this requirement in February 2017.

Having watched this video, the participants of my workshops have a better sense of why the anti-corruption compliance is something we all should be proud of for the future of this planet.

Then, I would start a discussion about the relevant laws and enforcement trends. I seldom see they are sleeping ...

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